About Us

NICHANI FILMS is a 37 years old and a division of NICHANI GROUP which is a 65 years old business house and business family with interests in various businesses including film financing Production and Distribution, information technology, Fashion Industry, equity holdings in private and public companies, real estate holdings and real estate funding.

The Nichani Group under the banner of Nichani Films has financed over 200 movies predominantly in South Indian languages. Many movies that were financed by the Nichani Family were awarded State Awards and national awards.

Nichani Films and the Nichani Family are members in several Trade bodies including The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. The Nichani Family is also known for its philanthropy. A charitable Trust was created in the 1960s by the group which has made contributions towards building hospitals, schools, colleges, meditation centres, libraries etc.,

Partial List of Blockbusters Financed and Distributed by Nichani’s International Films and some of the Posters of the Movies Financed by Nichani’s Internatonal Films.


Passion driven & a Visionary “Mr. Amarlal G Nichani” founded and started as an independent Finance, Production and Distribution Company “Nichani Films” in the year 1981 which funded/produced and co-produced films for the South Indian & North Indian Market.

To provide world class experience for the audience using Live Action / Animation based upon well researched story-telling to make all the stakeholders and audience want more.

To ensure preservation of Art & the Artist therefore be able to curate talent and render effective use of the locally available resources, research and innovations in creating the right blend of techno creative outputs.



To enhance skill development at PAN Indian in the cinema & Enable preservation of Art & the Artist.


Capture , Nurture & Enhance / upscale the Talent local & International

  • Internships | Technical Staff | Crew | DPs | Freelance and Regular Jobs | Multiracial Actors | Performers | Musicians | Audio Professionals | Animators | Designers | Writers | VO Artists | Post Production Artists


Capture & Enhance / upscale the Local Facility to match international production standards

  • Cultural Centre: Theme Park | Performing Street | Stage Programs | Market Place | Characters Moving Around
  • TV Studio: Fiction Program (Hindi & English) | Documentary | Local Broadcast | International Broadcast | Music Videos
  • Sound Studio : Music Album Releases | Scores | Pre Audio Post
  • Film Animation, Gaming, Visual Effects and Comics Studios.
    1. Apart from the creation of content in above mentioned streams the company is also focusing on:
    2. Content Syndication
    3. Content Distribution Licensing & Merchandising

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In house & through our associates over last 30 years we have a well experienced team of Professionals trained in the field of “Media & Entertainment” that works tirelessly round the clock  to deliver the best in the market.

We have :

  1. Editors ( FCP, Colour, Adobe Premier) with over 5 years of experience
  2. VFX Artists ( 3Ds Max, Maya, Adobe after Effects, Fusion)
  3. Script / Copy Writer
  4. Production Incharge’s
  5. Lighting Cinematographers
  6. Director of Photography
  7. In house Cameras & production assistants
Karnataka State Flim Award recipients for
Best Pictures:
Muthina Haara
Swarna (Gold) Nandi – Andhra Pradesh
Jeevana Jyothi
Kalam Marindi
Some of the Movies Financed and Distributed
Nichani Films

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